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  • As Knowledge Workers we deal with Knowledge at Various levels of Abstractions and in several Dimensions.
  • As Knowledge Grows our Perception about a given System's Structure and Behaviour evolves.
  • Our Intellectual Engagement with a system leads to activities like Observation,Classification, Analysis, Synthesis, Application and creates a Knowledge Substance within our Mind Space. 
  • Capturing this Knowledge in some form of Model is Knowledge Representation.
  • Information is a form of Knowledge Representation.
  • Quantization and Hierarchical Organization are powerful ways of Information Persistence and Management.
  • Tree Data Structure represents Hierarchical Organization.
  • You can see my lecture on Persistence , where I have explained importance of Quantization and Hierarchical Organization (The lecture was conducted In a slightly different context , it was for exam preparations , However, the essence remains the same)
  • This KnowedgeBase is in Beta.. It is still growing.